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FM-200 Clean Agent Systems

Intelligent and Conventional 
Fire Detection & Alarm

High- and Low-Pressure CO2 Systems

Manual and Automatic Dry Chemical/Liquid
Vehicle Systems

Fire-Fighting Foam Systems

High-Sensitivity Air-Sampling
 Smoke Detection

Linear Thermal Detection

Water, Hydrocarbon and Acid Leak
Detection Systems


FM-200 Clean Agent Systems
FM-200 is the most similar clean agent alternative for halon replacement. It is people-safe, highly effective, fast acting, and environmentally friendly. The EPA states that it is "the most effective of the proposed HFC substitutes for Halon 1301." Over the last few years FM-200 has been used in thousands of systems, and is by far the most popular halon replacement agent. FM-200 is excellent for high-value area applications where personnel safety is critical and no suppression agent residue can be tolerated. TOP

Intelligent and Conventional Fire Detection & Alarm
Westfire offers a broad range of detection and control systems from conventional to software-based, addressable, intelligent systems. These controls can be coupled with several types of detection devices such as smoke, heat, optical and gas. TOP

High- and Low-Pressure CO2 Systems
Carbon dioxide is especially effective in local applications, where a total flooding system is not economically feasible. It is an excellent agent for normally unoccupied areas. TOP

Manual and Automatic Dry Chemical/Liquid Vehicle Systems
Westfire has installed hundreds of manual and automatic dry chemical/liquid systems on a very wide range of mobile equipment. We have helped develop new detection modules, detectors, and stainless steel agent delivery systems. Dry chemical and liquid vehicle systems are especially effective on smaller local application hazards that experience extreme temperatures. These systems are usually designed to withstand harsh environments. TOP

Fire-Fighting Foam Systems
Foam systems used in conjunction with water delivery systems are extremely effective for flammable liquid hazards and hazards where water supply is limited. Foams are very effective for fuel loading areas, tank farms and flammable/combustible material storage. TOP

High-Sensitivity Air Sampling Smoke Detection
These devices include an aspirator that pulls air samples from the hazard and draws them through a very sensitive, precise smoke particle detector. These detectors are excellent for high-value areas where early warning is critical, such as data centers, telecommunications facilities, and semiconductor fabs.TOP

Linear Thermal Detection
These detectors consist of two electrical conductors manufactured with insulation material around them that melts at various temperatures. These are very stable detectors that are excellent for long hazards such as conveyors and cable trays. TOP

Water, Hydrocarbon and Acid Leak Detection Systems
Our leak detection systems not only detect liquid leaks, but can isolate the leak along various types of sensing cables. The controller uses TDR to pinpoint the leak and display coordinate information. Various cables are available to sense water, hydrocarbons or acids. The leak/locator systems are used in data center raised floors, semiconductor fabs, mines, underground flammable liquid storage tanks and pipelines, to name a few. TOP


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